Amri Studio, located in Portland, OR, designs not just plaques, murals, digital displays, and sculptural works of art, but a mood, an evocative and moving experience that sets the tone for an entire architectural space.

We have also innovated programmed and interactive Donor displays and lighting, and engineered sound and voice elements that subtly or strikingly change to become focal points, architectural enhancements, and landmark wayfinding icons.

The pieces we create are ART that doubles as a vehicle for innovative interior and exterior messaging. We help our clients with warm invitational images and text that promote their identity and brand their philanthropy or corporate identity. We listen deeply to distill our clients' values and crystallize their heart, story, and spirit into touching and memorable visuals.

We take a great deal of pride in supporting our clients and the institutions that make a difference in the world by helping them express their identity and caring values. We believe every caring act is an ACT of LIGHT.  Our work helps illuminate these precious acts.