About Christina Amri

Christina Amri is the founder, principal, and lead designer of Amri Studio. Her artistic vision, leadership, and technical expertise has made our studio one of the most sought-after Donor Recognition and art glass studios in the U.S. today.

Amri began her training in Paris in the early 1970’s, where she apprenticed with a highly respected 4th generation stained glass studio. There she had the unparalleled opportunity to work on the restoration of the famed windows of Chartres cathedral.

When sunlight streamed through such windows, they were said to "transform everyday light into the light of paradise." This was the beginning of Amri's personal commitment to creating timeless permanent monument style works of art with luminosity, striking beauty, deep messaging and exquisite artisanship. She takes a special interest in designing work that honors children, women and families, and work for sacred architectural spaces such as Chapels and reflection rooms and projects for spiritually based organizations.