Sutter Health — Alta Bates Summit Health Center

Oakland, California

“We are the leaves of one branch, We are the drops of one sea, We are the flowers of one garden.”

Sutter Alta Bates1.jpg

This elegant, expansive donor wall brings peace and continuity to the busy lobby area of the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. The graceful composition of the wide, sleek bands of glass, with ribbon-like streaming names and artwork, aligns with the exterior architecture.

The medical center, Summit, stands proudly at the top of a high hill in Oakland, and is visible from very far away. The graphic layout designed for their donor wall was chosen to mirror this summit shape.

Sutter Alta Bates3.jpg

A continuous, illuminated band of leaves elegantly ties all of the individual donor panels together into one cohesive design and community. Each leaf is hand cut and 3-dimensionally bas-relief carved into the back of the crystal in the manner of classic, elegant ornamental architectural detail, yet in a contemporary medium and lighting treatment. A few specifically chosen leaves are carved in the front and burnished with gold leaf. The band of leaves holds all 10 panels of this donor wall together like gift-wrap ribbon or richly embroidered brocade trim. Composed mostly of alder leaves (known to symbolize strength), viewers also can discover leaves symbolic of other cultures and lands: a ginko leaf (long life and resilience), an oak leaf (courage), winged maple seeds (endurance), and an acorn (new life and prosperity).

Sutter Alta Bates2.jpg