Baylor College of Medicine

Houston, Texas


Composed of 21 deep-carved and layered crystal panels, this donor wall is a monument to Baylor College of Medicine's four-fold mission of education, research, patient care, and public service, to its pivotal work with the human genome project, and to the important connection between the philanthropic community and the visionary scientists of Baylor.

Etched into the crystal are donor names, a timeline of Baylor’s scientific and historic milestones, its mission, and inspirational quotes. These are tied together by a beautiful, river-like graphic representing part of the map of chromosome 12.

The panels are held in place by artist Eric Zammitt's mosaic "light bar" — 24,000 pieces of colored acrylic portraying a section of a chromosome — which leads the viewer around a corner to an exquisite etching in crystal of renowned photographer Lois Greenfield's Adam-like "Dancer," a pure expression of creation, the human soul, and the magnificent wholeness of the human being.

3025 Clay 01.jpg