Boston Children’s Hospital

Boston, MA

“Not only a pleasing and stimulating light show for kids and other passersby, but a spectacular acknowledgment of generous givers.”

  — Healthcare Design magazine

This 18-foot-wide carved and etched crystal Donor Wall is as dynamic and child-focused as the institution where it is installed: Computer-controlled LEDs light up the graphic elements in sequence, changing color and intensity. The effect is to make it appear as if a kite in the shape of a butterfly lifts up out of a child’s hands and flies across the wall. Then the lighting fades and the cycle restarts. The crystal panels on the wall swivel on custom hinges, giving easy access to a second layer, where Donor Names are silk-screened onto acrylic panels mounted and clearly visible behind the crystal. This design makes it a simple task to update Donor Names.
 A separate sensor-driven crystal niche uses interactive lighting to astonish and delight. When children approach the computer-controlled panel, they trigger changes in the colors of the LEDs and the areas being lit. A little blue butterfly appears to pop out of its chrysalis and take flight, turning a warm bright orange as it flies across the crystal panel.

Winner of a prestigious Nightingale Silver Award for Architectural Products in the healthcare environment. Nightingale awards go to “companies whose product design and innovation are shown to improve quality of care and contribute to patient healing.”

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