Clay Center for Arts & Sciences

Charleston, West Virginia

3025 Clay Room.jpg

Deep gratitude, deep meaning, astonishing beauty, all woven into the fabric of the amazing achievement that is the Clay Center.

To celebrate the jewel of Charleston's downtown renaissance and deeply honor the Center's founding donors and dual purpose of Arts and Sciences, Amri Studio created a 20' x 5' etched-and-carved crystal mural in two layers. On the back layer, an exquisite Lois Greenfield dancer pivots on a "diamond necklace" of a mathematical fractal path.

The etching is illuminated by softly colored LEDs programmed to shift slowly, in five-minute cycles, from the deep indigo and purples of the night sky to the apricot and pink tones of dawn. Names of major donors float prominently on their own top layer in brilliant white light.

Winner, Award of Distinction for Environmental Graphics and Signage, 35th Annual Creativity Awards Competition

3025 Clay 01.jpg