Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute

Orlando, FL

Ginsburg Image 3.jpg

 Faith, it is a tree of life to those that grasp it.  — Proverbs 3:18

The theme of this Major Donor Tribute is found in the scriptural quotation above, provided by the donor’s family. From it, Amri Studios created a unique spiral Tribute Wall of luminous, polished, carved, and etched crystal panels.

Overlapping images of leafy trees make the spiral a memorial grove, while also referencing the quotation. The quotation itself, rendered in eight languages is carved to varying depths in panels of half-inch-thick domestic crystal.  The many different fonts used have lyrical, calligraphic, traditional and contemporary looks, appealing to young and old of every culture and tradition.

The progressive heights of the thirteen crystal panels mounted in a hardwood base form a spiral of life. The gently undulating and continuous clusters of text visually echo the rhythm of the human heart beat – and apt effect for a cardiovascular facility.

The entire spiral is LED edge-lit from top and bottom in white, warm white, subtle pale gold and pink light.

Winner, First Place in the Unique Signs category, 2009 International Sign Contest, sponsored by Signs of the Times magazine.