National Baseball Hall of Fame

Cooperstown, New York

8014 room.JPG

This three-panel, 10-foot-wide tribute to baseball great Buck O’Neil uses a dramatic photo collage rendered in half-inch-thick crystal to convey the energy, determination, passion, dignity and warmth of the man who made it his life’s mission to help players of color make it in the major leagues.

Commissioned to augment a life-size statue of O’Neil, the Amri Studio mural drew on photos from the Baseball Hall of Fame archives and extensive research into O’Neil’s life. The backing wall behind the panels was painted a plum color, which, when refracted through the crystal, gives the photos a sepia tone. LED edge-lighting accents the text and images.

Winner, Honorable Mention in the Exhibit/Tradeshow Graphics Category in the 2009 International Sign Contest sponsored by Signs of the Times magazine.

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