Rockford Memorial Hospital Heritage Center

Rockford, Illinois

3025 Clay 01.jpg

Designed, fabricated, and installed by Amri Studio with history and values texts and milestones written by Amri Studio.

The design intent was to HONOR. This Hospital and Medical Center has existed within and supported the community since the 1860's. The Heritage Center begins with its traffic-stopping image of a 3-dimensional and life-sized small boy pointing up at a crystal story plaque. "Freddie", the child whose death inspired an entire town to create its original hospital, starts an intricate, multi-layered and dimensional TIMELINE, which flows from the 1830's to today and into the future.

Fascinating milestones of medical science and historic world history moments parallel the Hospital's major milestone dates. Archival pictures, x-rays, and other life-size children (Freddie's successors in spirit) as well as images of their new cutting-edge technologies and beloved staff, move the visitor, staff or patient through time, honoring the legacy of those who came before, and acknowledging new, inspired involvements built upon that community support.

Winner, Award of Distinction for Environmental Graphics and Signage, 36th Annual Creativity Awards Competition.

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