St Joseph Medical Center

Towson, Maryland


This stunning Heritage Wall consists of seven story-telling niches set into the wall of the lobby and celebrating the rich history, values, mission, and aspirations of St. Joseph Medical Center. Because the niches were separated by differing lengths of wall, Amri Studio used excerpts in 23-karat gold-leafed script from the prayer of St. Francis as a thread to link the exhibit panels.

These are comprised of multiple layers of intricately carved and etched glass with LED edge lighting in warm and cool white, hardwood brackets and niche boxes, and precious archival objects displayed with halogen spotlighting. This installation fully met its multiple goals of providing elegant and interesting lobby art, honoring the history of the institution, and achieving public relations outreach.

For more information on Amri Studio’s History & Heritage walls, please see Choctaw Nation Regional Medical Clinic, Rockford Memorial Hospital Heritage Center, or St. Mary’s Hospital.