University of Virginia

Charlottesville, Virginia

To create a donor wall for the University of Virginia's School of Medicine, Christina Amri immersed herself in the archives, home at Monticello, and the values of the man who founded this first public university, Thomas Jefferson. Amri emerged with a 2-story architectural showpiece that honors the best of the University’s past, present, and future. Deep-carved and LED-lit crystal panels reproduce Jefferson's architectural plans, drawings, and University emblems. Donor names are merged with the lines and shading of the artwork to emphasize how integral these donors are to the work of the School. This donor wall serves as a striking background for the lobby of the School of Medicine — and what was once just an entryway now glows into the street and Medical Center outside. This lobby is now an exquisite venue for fundraising events and an impressive stop on the dean's tour.