Amri Studio Launches its BLOG

An intriguing question:
What does Chartres Cathedral have to do
with state-of-the-art carved crystal Donor Recognition
and architectural art glass?
Read on

Welcome to our just launched BLOG!

Come explore with us the roots of the exquisite, artisan-crafted contemporary landmark icon Tributes that we design, fabricate and install all over the country into Institutions that are changing the world.  These cutting-edge Medical Centers, Research Institutes, Universities, Corporations and Performing Arts Centers are looking deeply, bringing communities together, and asking us:

"How do we deeply and sincerely
honor gifts of time and heart and genius
in a way that inspires and celebrates?"

We are responding. We delight in our unique medium. This is our 34th year creating permanent monument style illuminated carved crystal art glass whose design reflects the heart and spirit of the Institution and its Community; whose layered translucent content is filled with striking permanently etched and dimensionally 3-D carved inspirational quotations, art, and portraits.

Chartres three kings

The reverence and devotion to fine design and craft as a way of expressing the beauty and mystery of creation is something we carry forward from our apprenticeship in Paris in the early 70's, restoring the famed 12th century stained glass windows of Chartres Cathedral.

The same magic of light and color from the ancient cathedrals, infuses our own LED edge-lit optical crystal panels — to touch us , inspire us and celebrate all our inspired and generous philanthropic ACTS OF LIGHT.

For what better MISSION is there than the intersection of your passion with the world's need?

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